Facebook parties are the bread and butter for direct sellers, but how do you make sure your party doesn’t flop? Here are my Top 5 Tips to get the most out of every Facebook Party:


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  • Keep It Short
Facebook Party Tip #1 Keep It Short
Facebook Party Tip #1


Week long parties aren’t doing anyone any favors. I try to keep the party portion of my event around 90 minutes and I am available afterwards to help with any questions. This should give you plenty of time to showcase your most impressive products without your guests losing interest. Any longer than that and engagement starts to drop.

  • Coach Your Hostess
Facebook Party Tip #2 Coach Your hostess
Facebook Party Tip #2

Make sure you and your hostess are on the same page. They need to know how and when to contact their guests AND are engaged during the party. If your hostess isn’t engaged, her guest won’t be engaged and if the guests aren’t engaged, the hostess doesn’t earn rewards.

  • Play A Game
Facebook Party Tip #3 Play a Game
Facebook Party Tip #3

Guests LOVE to play games and win prizes. Get your guests involved by playing an interactive game. Get creative. Send your guests on a scavenger hunt or have them post a themed selfie.

  • Graphics
Facebook Party Tip #4 Make Your Own Graphics
Facebook Party Tip

Don’t use the same old graphics that every other consultant uses. Create your own! Make sure they are easy to read and keep in mind that most guests are partying from their mobile devices.

  • Follow Up
Facebook Party Tip #5 - Follow Up
Facebook Party Tip #5

Don’t leave your hostess or customers hanging. Follow up with them to answer any questions and make sure that their orders were delivered and everything is in working order. You would be surprised at how many people place orders and then never hear from the consultant again. Don’t be that girl!

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