This post could also be titled ‘How CinchShare makes me look more organized than I really am.’ If you read my post ‘Why I Joined Paparazzi’, you’ll know that I was working a full-time job and taking care of a newborn when I joined Paparazzi Accessories. I was suffering (I still am, who am I kidding?!) from major mom brain and remembering to post or post on time for a Facebook party was nearly impossible. Then came CinchShare and it was love at first post.

(This page contains affiliate links. This means that if you sign up or subscribe to any of the products or services I recommend, I may get a small compensation to feed my Mac n Cheese addiction. But don’t worry, it won’t cost you a penny more and I would never recommend something that I don’t use and love myself.)

How cinchshare saved my business.
How cinchshare saved my business and my sanity.
  • Major Time Saver

CinchShare gives me the ability to schedule posts to my Facebook Business page and any groups that I am the administrator for. Once a week, I plan my post and schedule them. CinchShare takes it from there. This leaves me much-needed extra time to focus on my family instead of worrying about posting to social media. I just set it and forget it!

  • Facebook Parties

As an Independent Consultant for Paparazzi Accessories, I throw a LOT of Facebook Parties. As the mom of an active toddler, being able to sit down and post consistently for an hour and a half at a time, is not exactly easy. With CinchShare, I schedule out exactly what I want to post during the party, tell it what time to post and I’m done. When its time to party, CinchShare does all the hard stuff and I am free to do other stuff. Like answer questions or give the little one a bath because he dumped his juice all over him. Again. Ya know, life! Whatever happens, the party keeps going!

  • Recycle Content

If I want to use the same posts from a previous party but don’t want to type them all up again, I can do that! All i have to do is select the posts I want to re-post and batch post them into the new party. This is also a life saver for last-minute parties. Easy Peasy.

  • Customer Support

Not only does CinchShare have an all-inclusive user guide, they have a Facebook group where they provide all kinds of content to help your business and monthly trainings with special guest speakers!


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