The Fashion Fix is Paparazzi's monthly subscription service that delivers 25 (29 with Hostess rewards!) NEW pieces of jewelry to your door each month.

While the Fashion Fix is completely optional, there are some incredible benefits to signing up!

  • The Fashion Fix comes with 4 sets of matching jewelry, called Trend Blends. PLUS 5 exclusive pieces, only available to subscribers. PLUS double Hostess rewards. That's 29 pieces of jewelry!
  • You get first dibs on ordering pieces from the Trend Blends. On the 5th of each month, the Fashion Fix pieces are released for purchase ONLY to subscribers. On the 20th of the mo th, anything that's leftover becomes available to the rest of the consultants.
  • Guaranteed active status. While you are only required to purchase 100 pieces of jewelry in a year to remain a Paparazzi consultant, you need to purchase 50 PV (25 pieces) per month to qualify for commission from your downline. The Fashion Fix covers that 50PV.
  • Double Hostess rewards. Normally, Hostess rewards come in the form of one free piece for every ten ordered. In the Fashion Fix, those rewards are doubled and you get 4 Hostess reward pieces.
  • You can take pre-orders. Since you get a preview box before the pieces go on sale, you are able to show them off and take pre-orders so you know just how many you'll need to snag.

The Fashion Fix costs $68.75 plus tax and shipping. And there is a waiting list. But they've been moving thru the list pretty quickly so be sure to call Paparazzi TODAY and ask to be added to the waitlist!

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