Why I Joined Paparazzi Accessories
Why I Joined Paparazzi Accessories

I joined Paparazzi in January of 2016. But let’s back up a little bit and talk about WHY I became a consultant.

I became a mom in August of 2015. After being on maternity leave and with the additional costs of having a newborn, some of our bills had fallen behind. I was back at work but with daycare costs taking nearly half of my paycheck, I was struggling to keep up.

Around November of 2015, I was browsing local yard sale groups on Facebook, looking for cheap baby gear when I came across some seriously gorgeous jewelry. “Join my group to see more,” it said. Well, don’t mind if I do!

To my surprise, everything was just $5! There had to be a catch. So I took my impeccable detective skills to Google and learned that this was not, in fact, a joke, and that I could make money selling this jewelry, too!

Now, I’m no stranger to Direct Sales and I’m sure you aren’t either. I’m ‘invited’ to a different Facebook party nearly every day. But there are some pretty big differences when it comes to Paparazzi:

  • Everything is just $5 each.

Let me just say that again. Everything. Is Just. $5. Each. That’s it. There’s no trying to convince customers to drop loads of cash. And your friends won’t feel bad about not being able to afford supporting your business. Nearly everyone can afford $5.

Why I Joined Paparazzi #1 Everything is Just $5
Everything is just $5
  • Instant Cash

While you have the ability to make sales via your replicated website (which is FREE, by the way), most consultants choose to carry their own inventory. This means, when you sell a piece of jewelry from your personal stock, that’s $5 in your pocket. No waiting around for a commission check.

  • 45% Commission

Sure, $2.25 doesn’t sound like a big deal, but with such a low price point, customers will often purchase much, much more than just one piece. And that $2.25 adds up fast!

Why I joined Paparazzi Accessories #2 45% commission.
45% Commission
  • No Monthly Quotas

This is a big one! There’s nothing worse than having to buy stuff you don’t need or want just to remain active. With Paparazzi Accessories, there are no monthly quotas or auto-ship programs to remain active.The only requirement is to purchase at least 100 pieces of jewelry in a 12 month period. That averages around 9 pieces per month. I buy more than that just for myself!

Why I Joined Paparazzi #3 No Monthly Quotas to meet.
No Monthly Quotas

On top of all that, Paparazzi has introduced me to some incredible people and has helped me get my sense of self back after the baby.

Are you ready to join Paparazzi and change your life? Click HERE to join!

Still have questions? Shoot me a message! I’d love to talk to you about how Paparazzi has changed my life and how it can change yours!

(This page contains affiliate links. This means that if you sign up or subscribe to any of the products or services I recommend, I may get a small compensation to feed my Mac n Cheese addiction. But don’t worry, it won’t cost you a penny more and I would never recommend something that I don’t use and love myself.)


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